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Anguilla Island Information

Located a few miles north of St. Martin, Anguilla is an independent island in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. The islanders are known for being friendly and welcoming. Anguilla’s estimated population is 3,500.

Anguilla was colonized by English settlers in 1650, and administered by Great Britain until the early 19th century. Anguilla was then incorporated into a single UK dependency with Saint Kitts and Nevis. The islanders were unhappy with this arrangement. Several attempts at separation failed. However, in 1971, two years after a curious revolt and a brief period as a self-declared independent republic, Anguilla was allowed to secede. This arrangement was formally recognized in 1980 with Anguilla becoming a separate UK dependency. Anguilla is now an internally self-governing overseas territory of the UK.

The island is composed of coral and limestone with great beaches and well-developed tourist accommodations. Development is mostly upscale and includes private vacation rentals, beachfront condo rentals, luxury villa resorts and beachfront hotels.

See Wikipedia for more information.

Anguilla Activities

All Anguilla beaches are public. The island has good snorkel and scuba spots. Shoal Bay is very popular for snorkeling. Snorkel rentals, beach chairs and tasty food are available at beach restaurants. Shoal Bay offers beachfront condo rentals and beachfront hotels .
There are boat excursions to nearby Prickly Pear and other islands. The Temonos Golf Club is a prestigious golf course. The island offers art gallery tours, horseback riding at various stables, tennis, mini golf, spa and wellness facilities at luxury resorts, glass-bottom boat tours, sailing and fishing.
Festivals: Anguilla Summer Festival, Tranquility Jazz Festival, Moonsplash, Festival Del Mar, Annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta and Annual Lighting of the Christmas Tree.

There are some truly great restaurants and places to relax, listen to music and dance. Moderate fare can be found at some local establishments.

Anguilla Accommodations

Anguilla offers many accommodations ranging from private vacation rentals, beachfront condo rentals, luxury villa resorts and beachfront hotels. Many accommodations are beachfront or ocean view. There are luxury vacations rentals as well as more moderate Anguilla vacation rentals. The island encourages development of upscale seaside vacation properties.

Entry requirements

All visitors are required to present a passport or other valid travel document. Americans will be required to show their passport upon their return to the U.S. This includes sea travel and ferry service. A visa is required for a few countries. A departure tax is charged at the airport or ferry dock when leaving the island.


English is the official language.


East Caribbean dollar (XCD) is the currency of 9 eastern Caribbean states. The exchange rate is fixed to the US dollar at US$1 = EC$2.68.


On the left


Tropical Northeastern trade winds keep the island comfortable. Rainfall is light most of year. July–October is its hottest period, December–February, its coolest. The island is subject to tropical storms and hurricanes, which occur in the period from July to October.

Getting There

American Airlines, through American Eagle, provides non-stop service to San Juan, Puerto Rico which has connections to the US. Liat provides service to St. Thomas. The airport name was changed to the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport on July 4, 2010. The airport code is AXA.
Air service to neighboring St. Martin is available from Europe, Canada and many US cities, it may be easier to reach Anguilla with a flight to St. Martin’s Juliana airport. Air fares to St. Martin can cost less.

Winair operates flights from St. Martin which can take 8 minutes to reach Anguilla. Visitors can also book local air charters or take a ferry. There is frequent ferry service from Marigot to Blowing Point, Anguilla – a short exciting journey as the boats encounter waves in the channel. There is also a charter ferry Service from Blowing Point, Anguilla to Princess Juliana Airport which has docks on the lagoon waterfront.

Ground Transportation

Driving is on the left-hand side of the road. Speeds are low. There are also a few round-abouts and stop lights throughout the island. Traffic jams can be found at rush hour in populated areas.

Taxi service is unmetered, with set rates. Taxi drivers offer island tours lasting several hours. Fares must be paid in cash.

Rental cars are readily available from local agencies and international franchises. Mopeds and bikes can be rented.